Koyo SMS has a broad range of Services that help Customers deliver real business results:

  1. Service Solution Planning & Implementation
    Well Planned Is Half-Done. Service Plan plays the key role to success. With best practice experience, Koyo SMS designs the plan with highly feasible implementation actions according to the customer’s circumstance, requirement, and objectives. The Service Plan might include the fulfillment of parts logistic, repair service, customer service (call center), and global operations.
  2. Global Parts Logistic
    With complete WH management solution and hubs in major regions, Koyo SMS could provide various parts logistic plans, like 1 tier (global centre hub), or 2 tiers (+ region hubs), or 3 tiers (+ country hubs).
  3. Repair Service
    Koyo SMS dedicates the repair service in IT product field. Repair Service provided, includes whole-unit repair, refurbish repair, mother board repair, on-site service, and Return-To-Vendor service. Product lines focused on, include NB, All-In-On PC, Cellular Phone, IA, Server Machine, and etc.